The Japanese government plans to formulate policies to expand alcohol exports
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When the peak of wine consumption on the Mid-Autumn Festival of the National Day this year is coming, cutting-edge data from the French Ministry of Agriculture show that France's wine production this year is expected to be 3.76 billion liters, a record low since 1991. What impact will this have on domestic imported French wine? A reporter from the Yangtze Evening News interviewed wine distributors and wine lovers. The distributor said that there is no price change for the time being. It is expected that the price of French red wine will change at the end of this year or early next year. Compared with this year's French red wine, the price increase of red wine in other vintages will be more obvious.

French grape production decreases

No change in domestic red wine prices

According to a recent report by the French media, the Ministry of Agriculture stated that the estimated wine production this year is 16% lower than the average output of the past five years, which is even worse than the 1991 harvest. France also suffered from frost in 1991.

What impact will the news released by the French Ministry of Agriculture have on the sales of French red wine in China? The reporter visited several imported supermarkets, Ivy imported food and red wine distributors yesterday. Ivy staff told reporters that French red wines are temporarily unavailable. There is no price change, because the stocks are stocked in batches. "This batch of goods will always be sold at the current price. After the next batch of goods is purchased, if the purchase price changes, then our selling price will also be adjusted." The Ivy League staff said that it is expected to be over. Time can see the change.

The general manager of Nanjing XXX International Trade Co., Ltd. said that foreign wine business is greatly affected by exchange rates and output. The production of wine requires a certain process, so there is no obvious price change for the time being. It is expected that French wine prices will increase from the end of this year to the beginning of next year. 10% to 20% increase. Mr. Lin, who is both engaged in the import and export trade of red wine and a red wine lover, also said that the poor harvest of French grapes and the poor production and quality of French wine in 2017 will directly lead to the price increase of the wines of the previous high-quality vintages, such as the previous 2013, 2014, and 2014. The quality of the French wines of the three vintages in 2015 is very good. Moreover, Mr. Lin said that French colleagues are already planning to increase the price of red wine.

Not much impact on wine consumers

Fans said that the unit price is acceptable within 1,000 yuan

XXX told a reporter from the Yangtze Evening News that French wine basically "relies on the day to harvest". This year, the company's French wine inventory has been reduced from 60,000 bottles to the current 23,000 bottles. Over time, there will be a situation where demand exceeds supply. For the enthusiasts of some star wineries in France, it is recommended to store some red wine in advance before the price increase. For entry consumers, the impact is not particularly large, because in addition to French wine, consumers’ choices There are a lot more.

Wine enthusiast Mr. Lin also told reporters that when the quality of French wine is not good, consumers will switch to wines from other countries, such as Italy and Spain, as well as wines from Australia and Chile that have emerged in recent years. It may also lead to an increase in the sales of wine in these countries and a slight increase in prices.

Red wine lover Mr. Li said that although he also likes to drink French red wine, many red wines from Australia and Chile can meet his requirements. He believes that red wine is not a necessity for Chinese people, but a consumer product that pursues the quality of life. He doesn't drink much red wine every year. If French wine is expensive, he will buy wine from other countries. If there is an important event at home to celebrate or celebrate, Mr. Li thinks that red wine with a unit price of less than 1,000 yuan is acceptable.

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