Xiamen Free Trade Zone imports Russian wine for the first time
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Recently, it has been learned from Xiamen Haicang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that a batch of 13,500 liters and 18,000 euros of Russian wine has passed inspection and quarantine from Haicang Port. This is the first time that the Xiamen Free Trade Zone has imported Russian wine. It is reported that the price of this batch of Russian wine is relatively close to the people, which is a commercial attempt by a Fujian wine company to expand the domestic market.

As we all know, Russia is a major alcohol consumption country and is famous for its spirits such as vodka. Due to the very low temperatures in most parts of Russia, the grapes cannot be ripened successfully. In order to cope with the severe winter, many Russian grape growers use burying methods to protect the vines from frost. Therefore, the production of Russian wine is subject to certain restrictions, mainly concentrated in the southern Russian Federation and the North Caucasus. The Russian wines imported this time are produced in the Krasnodar region, with a total of 6 products, involving common grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah.

Russians have a rough and bold personality, which often gives people the impression that it is difficult to form an elegant wine culture. But in fact, in recent years, the development of the Russian wine industry has achieved initial results, and the output and quality of wine have been steadily improved. It is not surprising that wine merchants from all over the country go to Russia to test the waters. It is worth looking forward to how the wine flavor brewed by the heroic terroir of Russia.

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